Removing the ‘Meta’ section in WordPress

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This blog has been set up in WordPress (more on the themes used in a post soon), and one of the firts things that I always do when setting up a new blog is to remove any unwanted sections in the sidebar that comes as a default in most WordPress installations. One such section that can take up valuable room, adds no real value to readers, and in some case can take up space that could be put to use running advertising is the ‘Meta’ section.
After installing WordPress you will notice the Meta section usually in the sidebar on the right hand side (see image below):

If your theme doesn’t use widgets, you’ll have to edit the sidebar.php – this is not as daunting as it may sound if you are new to all this, and no real knowledge of PHP is needed.

How to Remove the Meta Section in WordPress:

1) Log in to your main WordPress admin panel (

2) Click on the ‘Design’ tab at the top

3) Click on the ‘Theme Editor’ heading

4) Click on the Sidebar (sidebar.php) section

5) All themes vary slightly, but you need to find the code that looks like this (code example taken from this

Simply remove the code above and hit the ‘update’ button. The ‘Meta’ section will now be removed from your WordPress blog.

If you are of a cautious nature, copy and paste all the code from your sidebar into a .txt file (or to a microsoft word document) before making any changes to your sidebar. That way, should you make an error and take out more code than you intended, or simply wish to re-include the Meta section you can easily paste it back in and hit update.

If you are using a newer version of WordPress such as WordPress 2.7, the same steps above apply with the only difference being is that the ‘Design’ tab is located on the left hand side of the WordPress admin panel (see the highlighted red square in the image below):


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