Where to find ‘word count’ in Microsoft Word 2007

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Okay, so this is a real ‘back to basics’ type post. Almost embarrassing, but I’ll probably forget this again in the future at some point so why not leave it here as a reminder.


I was recently working on launching a new content site and had commissioned some articles from elance. I used to try and write all the articles for my mini-sites myself – this is great practice and really forces you to think about the content that you are producing on your sites. It forces you to think about your audience and what value you are providing via the content that you are creating. Also, if it gets zero traffic, then you only have yourself to blame.

The down-side of this is that it takes ages, it restricts your ability to scale, and if you want to work on more than one site at the same time then it can takes days or weeks just to get some core content up. So I turned to elance to commission some high quality articles. I figured that spending a $100 or so on some articles would give me the time to revise and tweak my site whilst I was waiting for the content to arrive.

Word counts and content:

So when the day came and my content arrived I wanted to know how many words were in each article, to ensure that I had received articles at my desired length.

When I opened the articles in Microsoft Word 2007 I was instantly confused, as I used to simply go into the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘wordcount’ to get an accurate wordcount of each article…..but in Microsoft Office 2007 the Tools tab no longer exists.

To my shame, it literally took me 20 minutes clicking through each menu and dropdown looking for the wordcount function, until I noticed that it has been brought to the forefront in Microsoft Word 2007 and is visible at the bottom left of the window.

See the screenshot below, hopefully this will help anyone else who gets stuck on the same issue.

Where to find word count in Microsoft Word 2007:
How to find the word count of an article in Microsoft Word

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