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TheProBlog.com is a basically my ‘reminder list’ of everything that I learn (or screw-up) and may need to revist and use again whilst I’m experimenting with various web techniques to construct and manage websites for fun, as well as profit. If any of the posts that I write help you out in whatever you are doing – then great!

Basically if I learn something I’ll document it here – at the same time feel free to comment, criticize and contribute. I’ll also be using this blog to aggregate any interesting articles on blogging, or internet affiliate marketing that I’ve found useful and may want to revisit. Again, if you find any of them useful to you, fantastic.

The background to all this is basically an urge driven from boredom to start playing around with a few websites, some of which will be driven by passion, others will be an experiment to see if I can create something that creates a little extra pocket money on the side by catering for niche markets, or by creating genuine content for specialist areas.

I am definitely not a ‘passive-income guru’, and have no intention of becoming one, my sole goal is to see if I can get a few projects up and running without using any black-hat techniques or any questionable methods that soon become destroyed by any future Google updates. There will be no silver-bullets here for affiliate marketers or niche-site creators.

I am aware that ‘The Pro Blog’ is a grand name to use for an amateur, and I am definitely far from being a pro, but hey, it serves as an aspirational goal to reach towards. Some of the posts on here will cover some pretty basic things, so it won’t be for everyone.

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