Where is the ‘Where’s my stuff’ link on Amazon?

As much as I love amazon, it can sometimes be difficult to contact customer service about an order. It used to be really easy to find the ‘Where’s My Stuff?’ link that would allow you to send an email (or even live chat) to customer service….but now I find it much harder to find. Maybe it’s just me?

The support pages are pretty good at allowing you to ‘Track Packages’, ‘View Orders’, or ‘Return or Replace Items’, but it is a lot harder to immediately see a link to the ‘Where’s my stuff?’ link – this is the link that allows you to contact customer service if your order has not arrived (even if has been marked as being delivered).

Anyway, here is where you will find the form that allows you to find out where your stuff is, or allows you to contact customer service directly about any other issue you may have. It opens a simple form where you can pick your order and send an email directly to customer service.

How to contact Amazon Customer Service: