How to turn comments off on a WordPress Home Page (or any static page)

This is a post for WordPress newbies who still need a bit of help in configuring some of the basic settings on WordPress when setting up their first websites or blogs.

Specifically, this post will show you how to turn ‘comments’ off on your Homepage, or indeed, any static page created in WordPress.

WordPress is sociable by default – the ability for a visitor to comment on your blog or your pages created in WordPress is the standard setting. And this is great, it promotes discussion, and useful comments all add to the richness and value of your subject material. Blogs are meant to be sociable, right?

However, sometimes you just want to create a great looking website with WordPress and you don’t want your homepage to stretch on into infinity with comments making it look like a blog post. Sometimes you just want a simple homepage that simply states your offer or gives the user some key pieces of content that they can use to start exploring your website with.

A common use case I have is using WordPress to create a micro-site, and I create a custom page in WordPress for the homepage and then have the blog functionality linked as a part of the sub-nav or header. The main homepage then becomes a permanent static page.

So how do I turn the Comments off in WordPress?

So here is the good news – its is easy to turn comments off on a specific WordPress page.

  1. Once you have created your page, then simply go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the ‘Pages’ section in the left-hand nav bar.
  2. Hover over the name of the page that you want to turn the comments off on, you should see the ‘Quick Edit’ option appear – click on it
  3. On the right hand side, above the ‘status menu’ you should see a check-box called ‘Allow Comments’. Uncheck it, and it will prevent comments from being added to the page.

A picture tells a thousand words, so check out the image below to see how you turn off comments on a specific WordPress page:

how to block comments on wordpress pages