Reading & Watching – Volume 1

Reading & Watching is a collection of links, articles, books, and videos that have caught my attention each week.


  • Have we hit peak passwords? Great article mulling over the question of how can we replace the password and implement better solutions. Heartbleed and other bugs have shown us we probably are never as safe as we think, so what alternatives might exist for the future?
  • Related to the above, this is an interesting read on Cotap’s passwordless login –
  • The Digital Media Layer Cake: This is an interesting article on the changing landscape of the Digital Media industry. Yep, I am aware that this has been written about a million times, but this is a good take that is worth a read:

    On the other hand, imagine that Google or Amazon can become the world’s first integrated film studio, record label, publishing house, advertising platform, advertising agency, digital retailer, physical retailer, telco, cable company, electronics hardware manufacturer, and digital services provider! It is hard to imagine a bigger hypothetical coup for shareholders, a rare, once-in-a-lifetime merging of industries.

    That outcome may sound preposterous, but it is exactly the endgame that the chess pieces currently arrayed foretell.

    Full article Here

  • Video:

    I stumbled on this interesting video about 404 pages – it’s a TED Talk by Renny Gleeson called ‘404, the story of a page not found’ – its a quick journey through the 404 Error page and looks at how you can rethink about how you use it – it doesn’t need to be a dull dead-end, it can be an opportunity to add value, build a better relationship with your users, or simply a chance to add some humour to your website. Watch it out below:


    the martian by andy weir I have just started reading ‘The Martin’ by Andy Weir.

    It’s a story of an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars who needs to maximise his environment, and some of the junk left behind from his crew’s Martian mission, in order to survive long enough until the next anticipated manned crew arrives at the Red Planet.

    Worth checking out ( /