Using the ‘Opportunities’ tab in Adwords

I’m guilty for launching adwords campaigns and then just leaving them to tick over (as long as they are not losing money) and often ignoring the free information and advice that you can get from Adwords to help improve your campaigns.

The ‘Opportunities’ campaign is ideal for people experimenting with adwords. After setting up and launching a campaign, the ‘Opportunities’ tab provides you with a dashboard that give you useful stats (once your camapign has been running for a little while) on how you can increase exposure by adding suggested keywords, as well as giving you an approximation on how many extra searches your ad could potentially appear in. Adding the suggested keywords is as easy as checking the boxes of the ones you want to include and then hitting submit.

It also provides bidding advice on how to increase the performance of your ads. You don’t have to take the advice featured in the ‘Opportunities’ tab (it produces automated responses that may not always suit your site or your goals), but you should always dip in to in on a regular basis to improve your adwords education and understanding.

The video below was produced by Google to give you an overview of the ‘Opportunities’ tab in adwords as is well worth a watch.

Five Successful Strategies for Monetizing Blogs (video presentation)

This is the presentation given by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins at Affiliat Summit.

Missy and Shawn are two heavyweights in the affiliate marketing space and are also the founders of Affiliate Summit. In this presentation they strip things back to basics and provide an overview of 5 techniques and strategies that can help you to monetise your blog.

Well worth watching for all beginners, and anyone else that has started on the often tough road of monetising blogs and affiliate marketing and needs a bit of motivation.

Five Successful Strategies for Monetizing Blogs:

Joost de Valk’s WordPress Optimisation Video

Incredible video from Joost de Valk speaking at the A4UExpo London.

For those that don’t know, Joost is a WordPress developer and “general” online marketeer and is well regarding for his SEO and WordPress optimisation skills.

This video covers literally everything you need to know about using WordPress as a Content Management System, and covers subjects from Joost’s recommended essential WordPress plugins, general site and blog ‘housekeeping’ habits to develop, and growing and maintaining traffic.

This is a huge video weighing in at close to 1 hour in length. It’s so full of useful and concise info you ‘ll want to go back to it again and again.

The actual slides that contain the links and urls to the plugins that he speaks about can be found here: A4UExpo Presentation, and we’ve also embedded them below the video.

Joost de Valk’s WordPress Optimisation Video:

WordPress SEO & Optimisation Strategies a4uexpo London 2008 from existem on Vimeo.

Joost de Valk’s WordPress Optimisation Slides:

WordPress SEO & Optimisation

View more presentations from Joost De valk. (tags: plugin plugins)
Joost’s Blog:

Michael Gray – Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

Here’s a really interesting video tutorial from Graywolf on how to keep your blog search engine friendly and to avoid getting your rankings penalised for ‘duplicate content’ which can be caused when pages are linked to more than one WordPress category.

Some really useful tips here on how to avoid duplicate content and set up theming or ‘siloing’ on your WordPress blog installation .